I always end up testing my financial self-control when I check in on the suzanis for sale on EBay. I casually did this earlier in the year and ended up obsessed with a beautiful pink and grey one said to be from the 1950’s. After several days of watching the price slowly rise I ended up in a last minute bidding war that left me the winner. It arrived several days later in a tight brown paper bundle sent straight from Uzbekistan — detail shot shown below. I love it but don’t know what to do with it! (My cat will claw it to death if I have it out on the bed or sofa and I don’t have a good spot to hang it on the wall at the moment.) In any case, I have no regrets but do know I should exercise restraint in the future as much as possible! Shown above is a really colorful one that’s up for sale now until October 12th. Last night it was priced at $40 but as of this posting it’s shot up to $199. Key words: “Antique 1900 Uzbek Silk Hand.”