A nice comment from the writer of deuxfrontieres (an American living in Paris) appeared posted to my “about” page this morning — a good way to start a hectic week and a reminder that I’ve been lax in posting an email address for fibercopia. So, here it is: fibercopia@gmail.com! (Also now included on my About page.) Exploring deuxfrontieres leads to some great sites, one of which is Timorous Beasties. In reading the biography of their company and partnership I feel I’m discovering the source of what’s since exploded into many derivatives of the edgy damask, the reinvented toile, etc. But I really appreciate their marriage of old and new and their social/political approach to design. Above, their black lace “Thistle”. It’s beautiful but also a little bit Goth — and could definitely add a lot of drama to a room.