I’ve just returned from sunny Seattle to rainy San Francisco (fancy that!) and would like to dedicate one more post to the wares seen at the show here ten days ago. Above is one of the contemporary batiks sold through Indo Arts, Inc. here in the Bay Area. I’ve met the owner once before and he’s extremely personable. He used to have a storefront in San Francisco but is now exclusively north of the Golden Gate bridge. Regarding overall price range, he said I could get something starting at $40 — and could purchase a “really good piece” for $300 or so. (Is this where my anticipated tax refund is destined?) In addition, His website shows a sampling of the many finer, and considerably more expensive, antique batiks he carries. I have a lot more to learn about the craft but one thing I really like about the batiks I saw at his booth was purely tactile: the cotton is very flat – somewhat thin – but also very dense, not at all flimsy. I don’t think I’m imagining it when I remember them as a bit cool to the touch, similar to the feeling of chintz.