I relish the New York Times‘ seasonal publication of their design magazine and was treated to their Spring 2008 issue this past Sunday. Inside, the image above accompanied a brief write-up by Stacie Stukin about the University of Nebraska’s International Quilt Study Center and Museum. It houses “the world’s only graduate program in quilt studies and the world’s largest collection of quilts.” Wow! Unfortunately nothing was included to describe this chevron stripe quilt so I can’t offer anything about date, origin or artist — except to say that it’s incredibly striking and timeless. Click here for the Museum’s website — maybe you’ll have better luck than me finding the image in their database.

Update: Thanks Megg for your comment and for finding the quilt on the site!
Zig Zag Result #: 1906
Quiltmaker: Maker unknown
Geographical Origin: Possibly made in Pennsylvania, United States
Date: Circa 1880-1900