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Nimbus and Heart –

Mar 3, 2008 | Leave a Comment


I watched the two most recent episodes of Project Runway last night and was excited to see the The Metropolitan Museum’s Greek and Roman galleries as one source of inspiration offered up for their last challenge. So tonight I did a bit of exploring of my own — winding up in Egypt, not Rome or Greece, with this image of a fifth century Egyptian-Coptic textile depicting a man with “nimbus and heart”. The nimbus being the golden halo around his head and the heart — is this the red shape floating outside his body? I love the coloration overall — the red, the dark indigo blue, and the shades of purple and green on his shirt.

Blue Leaves, Organized Flowers –

Mar 1, 2008 | Leave a Comment


I’ve been ruminating over the textile in my last post — looking around the web for similar designs and wondering about a possible early twentieth century (and especially Arts & Crafts) proclivity for “organized nature”. At least that’s the phrase that pops to mind when looking at the methodical grid of La Maitrise. Well, long story short, I don’t know if there really was such a trend, at least I haven’t found any strong visual evidence in the last few days. (Maybe there are whole books on the subject that I’m simply unaware of.) I did come across this 1906 textile design by Josef Hoffman, however, and the blue leaves and stylized flowers are similar in feeling — although much more elegant.