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O’Hare & D’Jafer –

May 29, 2008 | Leave a Comment

The latest issue of Interiors magazine highlights carpets by O’Hare & D’Jafer, one of which is their edgy “Melt” carpet above — a great design for a sleek contemporary project and totally over-the-top in a more traditional one.

Jean Monro –

May 22, 2008 | Leave a Comment

The company Jean Monro is a textile manufacturer with a focus on traditional English prints — lots and lots of flowers. They’re represented in the US through Clarence House (who in turn has individual representation in fabric showrooms throughout the country). The above “Geisha” pattern (I love that acid mint color) makes me wonder about the relationship between “the West” today and China — and how this relationship relates (or doesn’t) to periods of chinoiserie obsession in Europe, beginning in the 17th century. While art and decoration under this category expresses a European idealization of China, and the cultural fascination can be seen as a compliment of sorts, it’s not really about “becoming” Chinese in any true sense. Today I don’t think there are many examples of a broad Western interest in a Chinese aesthetic — but now China is seen as obsessed with Westernization. My thought process is clunky here but I guess what I’m getting at is a question: how does today’s artistic relationship between Europe and China relate (or diverge) from that of previous eras, what has been lost, replaced, or transformed in both region’s artistic view of the other?

Grethe Sorenson –

May 17, 2008 | Leave a Comment

A comment from Scott ( led me to this tapestry work by Grethe Sorenson (born 1947, Denmark) as displayed on the very useful website browngrotta, a site dedicated to “art textiles and fiber sculpture”. The site has a super long list of represented artists to browse, a resource page for textile-related books, etc. Among the works shown this one by Sorenson is my favorite. (Thanks Scott!)

Minimalist Batik –

May 15, 2008 | Leave a Comment

I just stumbled upon the website for Fiber Scene, a gallery and “artist resource” right here in San Francisco. (Never knew!) Their gallery page is currently highlighting a show now in Berlin, “Taktha, Contemporary Batik in Europe”, part of that city’s yearly fiber art fair. So, long story short, the fiber artist Peter Wenger is represented in the show and above is his work, “The Valley” (2000). It’s wonderfully minimalist!

Haori & Jimbaori –

May 13, 2008 | 1 Comment

Out from the dense (endless) number of fabric wings I often scan through at the showrooms, the fabric above from Clarence House leaped out at me last week. Something about the scale, palette and honeycomb pattern is very quieting / soothing. (Larger cloud-like medallions of different colors – partially shown here – float above the ground pattern.) The fabric is named “haori” after a type of Japanese kimono. According to the Met Museum website a haori is one of two types of dofuko, a jacket worn by high-ranking Samurai. The haori is a short jacket with sleeves and a jimbaori (the second type of dofuko) is a sleevlees jacket. The jimbori pictured above is part of the Met’s collection and shows the same type of honeycomb pattern in its interior lining.

Anne Kirk Textiles –

May 7, 2008 | Leave a Comment

Anne Kirk is a textile designer based in San Francisco with a really beautiful aesthetic. Her fabrics have a satisfying weight to them and her patterns can easily work in both contemporary and more traditional projects. (I particularly like her printed velvets – they have a very old-world quality and the printing is finely done so the velvet is not stiff or crackled.) She also does custom work for clients. Click here to view her website.

20th Century Pattern Design –

May 2, 2008 | 2 Comments

Based on a comment posted to my first monthly-textile-related-book-posting last month, I’m adding 20th Century Pattern Design by Leslie Jackson to the category for May. I’ve also added it to my Amazon wish list! Amazon says “currently unavailable” with no idea when it will be back in stock. So it’s a rare commodity! Weighing in at 3+ pounds and with 200+ pages it looks like a real find.

Indoroman –

May 2, 2008 | Leave a Comment

The most recent issue of Domino magazine (the one with Julianne Moore on the cover) has a little blurb about the Italian based company Indoroman, specializing in fabrics of all kinds from India. It doesn’t look like they actually sell things from their website but there is a link for distributor information, etc. They also have this great “textile map of India”. The version on the site has hyperlinks for each region, leading you to a list of textile types for each area. Definitely worth exploring — plus it’s just a fun visual aid.