The textile gods and goddesses must be smiling upon me as I’ve just been given a virtual year-long subscription to the oh-so coveted magazine Selvedge — a publication that is luscious in every important respect: content, art design, photography. At $20 an issue I’ve only purchased one, keeping a subscription on my long, textile related wish list. (For my exploratory purposes, I found the ads in the single issue I do own to be as useful for reference and research material as the actual editorial content of the magazine — as everyone listed has a website to check out.) Now that I have virtual access to current as well as select past issues I find myself in seventh heaven, and feel only glee in searching the magazine for leads on all kinds of wondrous designers, companies, etc. Case in point: Anokhi, a company that’s featured in their current issue (#24). The photography accompanying Selvedge’s article far outdoes what’s on the companies own website. Regardless, check out the site for more about this worker-friendly, Jaipur based company.

I think this will be Selvedge week here at Fibercopia (or Selvedge month?) as I’ll be exploring back issues and surely finding more great companies to post about.