Rosa commented on my previous post and introduced me to her beautiful blog and the wax prints she sells on a parallel site. It’s all eye candy to me — and tantalizingly out of reach since her blog is in Portuguese. The fabric above is so pretty though, especially the crisp contrast between the vibrant blue and orange. It looks like Rosa gives a wonderful description of it – but I’m afraid google translator hasn’t served me very well: something about “Reza” (the type of cloth?) being born in Kenya in the mid 19th century — and having something to do with Portuguese trade. Or is it that they are Indian scarves that were traded as currency in Kenya? Something like that.

9/17/08 ADDENDUM

Rosa wrote me with some added explanation of the fabric:

The fabric in the photo is a traditional headscarf from Mozambique (a former portuguese colony in East Africa), and my post is about the history of the kanga/chitenge, also known as pagne or capulana. Chitenge was originally made from six headscarves like the one in the photo sewn together ( ).

Thank you Rosa!