The 9/7/08 issue of The New York Times (“Sunday Styles” section) had a brief feature on eco-friendly gifting and included pillow covers made from used grain sacks, sold at the Melange Collection. I can’t get too excited about snuggling up to a grain sack pillow, but I enthusiastically endorse the grain sack grocery bags filtering into the marketplace, both at Melange Collection and through Reusable Bags. Since the beginning of the year I’ve steadily weaned myself from “paper or plastic?” at the grocery store and my eco-frendly conscience always feels good when I offer my own bag. Above and to the left is the tote-sized one I purchased in quadruplicate at Reusable Bags (a bit pricey but worth it, and the size almost perfectly duplicates the capacity of a normal paper grocery bag). To the right is one from Melange Collection.