Browsing blogs this evening – and looking at some beautiful ones I haven’t explored before – I fell upon a posting by Fly about 19th century textile designer George Haite (1825-1871). A google search on the name brought me to this page with a brief write-up on him and a few images of his work. In brief: he was a “one of the most important pattern designers of ‘old school’ during Queen Victoria’s ascension.” (Not sure what “old school” refers to here…). In any case, his patterns remind me how flamboyant and color-saturated the 19th century could be. (Have I talked about this before? This is all sounding familiar in my head.) Anyway, so many period movies about the era give a kind of musty, burgundy-and-brown-only impression but it was also an era of pink! and turquoise! Etc.

P.S. The book referred to in the second link above can be found on Alibris (but not Amazon): Designs For Shawls by Hillary Young.