I was thinking yesterday – as I pinned on my new Obama button – that there really should be some textile keepsakes for this election. Yes, there are lots of t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. But what about more domestic paraphernalia – handkerchiefs, dishtowels, cushion covers, etc? Yes it’s kind of retro, and yes it’s true none of those items would really be seen out in public where one’s political leanings can be promoted. But all that aside, textiles are such a wonderful medium for commemoration — not only for campaigns, but for all manner of historical moments, movements, etc. I posted on this general topic awhile ago – here – as well as here. The scarf above is posted on the Art Tattler website and was designed by Picasso for the World Festival of Youth and Students for Peace, Berlin 1951. Looking around, I think we’re overdue for another festival!