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Metaphores’ Boa –

Mar 31, 2009 | 1 Comment

I encountered the ultimate animal print today: Metaphores’ cotton velvet “Boa”. You really have to see it in person to get the full effect, but in sum: its incredibly soft hand, convincing shimmer and rich multi-dimensional colorways should be enough to undermine even the most entrenched anti animal print prejudice.

Missoni Home –

Mar 25, 2009 | Leave a Comment

The most recent New York Times Style Magazine (“Travel Spring 2009”) has a a two page spread on 77 year old Rosita Missoni – the energy behind the Missoni brand – chronicling her decades long career designing clothes saturated with color and pattern. Missoni Home is a more recent incarnation of the brand, with a website that doesn’t give you the satisfaction of seeing items produced within the line. Instead there’s a list of retailers and dealers. Though Google searches bring back some on-line offerings it looks like the best way to see the collection is in person, in the store.

Above, the image for “Modernism” from MH_9 / Moods on the MH site.

New House Textiles –

Mar 21, 2009 | Leave a Comment

I’m generally not a huge fan of “retro Scandinavian chic” (as New House dubs it) but the company has opened my heart to the category just a little with their Homewares Collection, featuring simple designs like Herring (above) as well as Sweet Heart and Red Fox.

Dots from Uzbekistan –

Mar 17, 2009 | Leave a Comment

A little eye candy to end the day: a close-up of big dots with Rothko-like colors – and coloration – from Uzbekistan. Click here for an image of the full cloth, 1’7″ x 3’7″. And more on this topic later as I know I’ve seen some contemporary large scale patterns of this sort, just can’t put my mental finger on where and when.

From Peter Pap.

Leah Evans –

Mar 14, 2009 | 4 Comments

…Some very interesting quilted textile works – many of them map inspired – by Leah Evans.

Via Design Boom.

Cloth & Paper –

Mar 11, 2009 | Leave a Comment

Several days ago I had the real pleasure of meeting Marcie Bronkar, founder and head designer of the new company, Cloth & Paper. In person her enthusiasm is contagious and the dedication she brings to perfecting her artistic vision is obvious – and inspiring. But it was only last night that I actually took the time to look at the designer bio section of her website. And, wow! She’s had a very impressive career.

The pattern above is called Isle of Capri. One of the noticeable things about her collection is a predilection for huge repeats. At 42.75″ x 50.25″ Isle is a good example.

Sandra Jordan –

Mar 9, 2009 | Leave a Comment

A new line of incredibly soft 100% Alpaca cloth (lined with Merino wool) is now available “to the trade” from Sandra Jordan in a drool-worthy array of saturated colors. A great material for bedding and throws — or anything else made better by the words “soft” and “cuddly”. Above, a scan of the colorway Daffodil.

FilzFelt –

Mar 7, 2009 | Leave a Comment

From “Fashioning Felt” ten days ago to to FilzFelt today, I’m making up for a previous dearth of felt related posts. And really, there’s something very appropriate – even comforting – about felt (or at least the idea of it) in these recessionary times. As honest a fiber as you’ll find. And with FilzFelt, you can get it in great colors. For those of us who may be confused about what felt actually is, check out FilzFelt’s excellent about felt page.

Niba Rugs –

Mar 4, 2009 | 1 Comment

With so many free-associations (art deco, formica, the ’80’s) mint green can be a surprisingly challenging color — and yet an intriguing one in its ambiguity (is it good / is it bad?). The above carpet from Niba Rugs makes a convincing pro-mint argument, and for the color-assured it comes with the added bonus of being in-stock — a rarity for carpets of this size (8×10) and quality.

Joss Graham –

Mar 2, 2009 | Leave a Comment

Here’s the image from Joss Graham’s print ad for his upcoming exhibition “Waves of Colour: Lahariya Turbans of Rajasthan” on view at the New York Arts of Pacific Asia show, March 14-18. Yet another example of how Selvedge magazine’s advertisements can be just as enticing as official content.

Plus, a reminder of chevron stripe posts of yore.