Barbara Wisnoski’s pieces (better viewed in larger scale on her website) make a wonderful bridge between notions of craft and abstract art. On the one hand her work is aggressively organic, tactile and handmade but the overall effect is something more ethereal. Here’s an excerpt from her artist’s statement:

I am interested in the relationship between texture and time. The process of building a piece, whereby a fabric loses its singular quality and becomes part of the whole, reminds me of how time washes a harmonious patina over objects and memories. The prospect of decay is key to the work: seeing how pieces done long ago have changed over time reminds me that they were made from living fibres and, like us, evolve and deteriorate. Also like us, these pieces become more themselves, therefore more beautiful, with age.

Though very different overall her work reminds me of the quilts of Gee’s Bend, Japanese Boro textiles, and El Anatsui.