Above is a detail shot of a vintage 12′ x 15′ carpet from the Agra region of India,  for sale at Mansour. Both the intense color and all-over symmetrical pattern make the piece quite striking and fresh. (Maybe it’s the summer heat but deep cool colors like this seem especially irristible at the moment.)

It’s been almost exactly a year (already!) since my first post on Mansour carpets and I find myself doing a second post now on another of their vintage  (rather than contemporary) pieces. Their Mansour Modern division has some wonderful designs but it always seems to be the older one-of-a-kind items that feel more like a find, though of course without custom capabilities.

On another note (practical but useful): Mansour has a section on “Regional Histories” worth checking out.  Here you can read an explanation of “Agra” as associated with the carpet above.