What is it about linens from the 1940’s and 1950’s (and even the 1960’s I suppose) that give them such a distinct – and distinctly appealing – look? I was musing about this last Sunday while admiring a collection of tablecloths, napkins, and handkerchiefs¬† handed down to a friend from her mother. Part of it is just the quality of softly worn age that cotton can take on after decades of washing and pressing, but there’s also the texture and weight of the fabric itself. And what exactly is it about such a range of patterns that make them so easily pinned to that time period? (A good topic for research.)

With these questions in mind I went on a brief tear around the internet and found the following links. No historical overviews here, but lots of patterns to look at:

Gypsy Rosalie (the above image is a detail shot of an already-sold table cloth from the site)

Echoes of the Past Online

Gramas Attic


Laurel Leaf Farm