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Polly Apfelbaum, via Joanne Mattera –

Nov 5, 2009 | Leave a Comment

Segueing from my previous post, artist Joanne Mattera’s 10/26/09 blog entry offers an interesting commentary on the limitations and implications of defining artists within subcategories — like “fiber artist”. Her entry also includes examples of  several artists-who-happen-to-work-with-textiles-as-a-medium, including Polly Apfelbaum. A detail from her piece “Funkytown” is shown above.

Debra Smith –

Nov 3, 2009 | Leave a Comment

Debra Smith uses vintage textiles to create compositions that are sewn and quilted to collage-like effect. By framing her pieces for the wall she also helps blur the art/craft distinction that often leaves fabrics in a lesser camp.

If you like Smith you might also appreciate the work of Leah Evans.