Farmhouse Pallette –

Oct 9, 2009 | Leave a Comment

A lovely carpet in a lovely house, via “An Artful Clutter” in The New York Times. Carpet is from Antik.

Photograph by Tony Cenicola.

Threads of Life –

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Self-described, Threads of Life is:

…a fair trade business that uses culture and conservation to alleviate poverty in rural Indonesia. The heirloom-quality textiles and baskets we commission are made with local materials and natural dyes. With the proceeds from the Threads of Life gallery, we help weavers to form independent cooperatives and to manage their resources sustainably.

Jane Doyle –

Oct 6, 2009 | 1 Comment

Recent print references to Sol LeWitt (The New York Times Style Magazine / The World of Interiors), Betty Draper’s post-Rome house-dress (last night’s episode) and The September Issue‘s exposition on color block (still in theaters) make Jane Doyle’s contemporary rag rugs feel all the more “of the moment”. Available for purchase directly from her website.

Lori Weitzner –

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Above, a textile and pattern infused beauty shot from the website of design powerhouse Lori Weitzner, a woman who knows how to build an incredibly diverse, luxury brand…It’s a good image to begin the first full month of Fall — and to mark my 200th post, two years to the day after my first.

Felt Carpets at Stephanie Odegard –

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One new thing I learned today: Stephanie Odegard is now selling carpets made from brightly colored  strips of felt sewn together with a strong contrasting thread. There are lots of custom possibilities, from the range and combination of colors to the thickness of the felt.  — It all has a very soft modern / contemporary organic feel.

You won’t find good pictures on their website but Odegard showrooms will be able to tell you more. And if you’re in Dallas, they’re having a big sale this weekend.

Textiles in the News: Spider Silk –

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Click here for a very interesting New York Times article about a textile made entirely from “the spinnerets of the golden orb spider of Madagascar”.

Judith, thanks for pointing this one out!

French Velvet at The Lotus Collection –

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The website of Kathleen Taylor’s textile company The Lotus Collection has been re-organized since I last visited several months ago and it’s definitely worth looking at anew. Above, a French voided velvet (circa 1890).

Becky Oldfield & Lost and Found –

Sep 19, 2009 | 1 Comment

Quilts are in the air these days: today it’s an inspirational look at the talents of Becky Oldfield as seen in Elle Decor’s October story on Keith Johnson’s New York City home. Oldfield designed the bed spread above, one that combines the British flag with what appears to be a sari-like brocade border. The entire piece is detailed with seed stitching in white thread. (Hard to see in this picture but the full-page view is on page 173 of the magazine if you can snag a copy). More of Oldfield’s work can be found on her website,  Lost and Found.

Antique Quilts at Ruby Lane –

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Pausing for another moment on the topic of antique quilts, I’m ogling over the  selection for sale via French72 at Ruby Lane. The countless hours that went into each one of these pieces is mind-bending from the perspective of mass-consumption and these hours are not at all reflected in assigned prices (though the actual makers are at this point dead, or likely many times removed from the sale).  A graphic quilt like the one above (1920’s, $595) could transform a room, contemporary or traditional. You’d have a hard time finding a new coverlet or duvet with as much impact and lasting value.

Silk Patchwork –

Sep 12, 2009 | 1 Comment

— A striking silk quilt from the 1870’s, up for auction at Christie’s on September 29th. Further proof the nineteenth century is full of surprises.