Blodwen –

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Among the Welsh items for sale at Blodwen: [A] dramatic red and white cotton stripy quilt – a rare and typical example of the Dowry Quilt – worked on by the bride’s family and friends and presented as part of her wedding dowry.

Via Jones Fife.

Burke Decor –

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— Lots to see here, like this.

Happy Holidays, Part II

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One of my favorite gifts from this weekend’s revelry was the new book Handcrafted Modern by Leslie Williamson. With very little text, it’s primarily a picture book dedicated to the homes of mid-century designers like Russel Wright, Eva Zeisel and Charles & Ray Eames. The photographs capture interiors that are naturally lit, quiet, and full of intimate, happenstance details. — There are also textiles scattered throughout the pages, like a little trail of breadcrumbs going from one designer to the next. The image above is of Walter Gropius’ home in Massachusetts.

Happy Holidays, Part I –

Dec 24, 2010 | 1 Comment

After the hub bub, the quiet ensues.  Have a wonderfully peaceful weekend! To celebrate, here’s a seasonally appropriate 19th century American quilt from Woodward & Greenstein.

Lila Handcrafts –

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Lila Handcrafts, a cooperative of women working in Sindh Pakistan, creates striking Ralli Quilts sold online here and at the Santa Fe Folk Art Market. Profits help fund their village primary school.

Click here for Wikipedia’s entry on Ralli Quilts.

Color Reform In Situ –

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The room makes the carpet and the carpet makes the room: here’s one from ABC’s Color Reform collection in a setting vibrant enough to banish any gray day or dark mood.

The photo is from House Beautiful, September 2010.

Five Centuries of Indonesian Textiles –

Dec 17, 2010 | 2 Comments

Here’s a nice article about textile collector and curator Mary Hunt Kahlenberg and her new book Five Centuries of Indonesian Textiles. She’s obviously turned her passion into a very enriching lifelong undertaking. You can buy the book on Amazon here (though it’s great to request it through local bookstores instead!).

Tobias And The Angel –

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Located in London, Tobias And The Angel sells vintage fabrics as well as their own hand printed cloth. From both they produce a range of decorative items sold through their storefront. — They also accept custom orders.

Ann Wood –

Dec 13, 2010 | 1 Comment

Ann Wood’s birds, spiders and bats are a reminder of just how varied and wandering the life of a single textile can be. Melancholy Jacques (above) was made from “the lining of an antique bodice, world war one army blankets, and bits of 19th century cotton prints”.

Recycled Saris –

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A Trade For A Trade is now selling recycled sari blankets and scarves — and by the looks of it they’re going fast. A detail from their Black Dot Kantha blanket is shown above.