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Lost & Found –

Jul 30, 2010 | Leave a Comment

The LA shop Lost & Found has a Home section full of pillows, rugs and table linens. This Magritte-esque pillow inspires weighty thoughts.

Via the August issue of C magazine.

Hamble Blankets –

Jul 28, 2010 | Leave a Comment

August 2010’s The World Of Interiors is out, and with it a new bit of textile typography: Hamble Blankets. What makes a blanket a Hamble Blanket? I’d love to know. Google searches haven’t helped so all I’m left with is the caption for the issue’s cover image: “…two beds covered with hamble blankets from Essaouira [Morocco].” The magazine’s back section refers readers inspired by the image to Francois Gilles’ shop; I”ll email them to find out more.

Vitrine –

Jul 26, 2010 | Leave a Comment

— Here is one of several painted French textile designs discovered, collected, and now for sale by Vitrine, a lovingly curated on-line shop.

Ms. Parmar’s Trip –

Jul 23, 2010 | Leave a Comment

Here’s a very inspiring article from The New York Times about a traditional textile artist, Ms. Parmar, who recently traveled from her rural village in Gujarat India to Manhattan. The embroidered and mirrored bag above isn’t one of her creations but it is a good example of the craft she’s expert in. Visit the website of Australian shop Palm Beads to see additional photographs, or to purchase.

Spoonflower –

Jul 21, 2010 | Leave a Comment

Artist Devon Sharon recently introduced me to the magic of Spoonflower, a site that allows you to self-produce textile designs onto actual, physical cloth.

Sharon’s Suzani pattern is pictured above.

1960’s Linen –

Jul 19, 2010 | Leave a Comment

Here’s 22 yards of vintage linen I wish I needed. For some lucky buyer, the Ebay clock is ticking.

Zandra, Old & New –

Jul 16, 2010 | Leave a Comment

Almost 70,  Zandra Rhodes is still a lively intermediary between the worlds of fashion and textile design. Her design “Top Brass” (pictured above and available along with many other vintage fabrics at Retro Art) was picked up by Heals back in 1964. This year she has a new bedding collection, along with a hot pink bed to go with it.

Quilts, The Catalog –

Jul 14, 2010 | Leave a Comment

The Victoria & Albert Museum’s popular exhibition “Quilts: 1700 – 2010” closed last week. But the catalog lives on.

For more on the show see Colin Martin’s review in Craft Australia’s latest (and textile-focused) e-newsletter.

Heather Lins –

Jul 12, 2010 | Leave a Comment

Heather Lins’ quirky “Geology” pillow (very Royal Tenenbaums) makes perfect decorating for a retro boy.

Via this article about Artful Home, where Lins is one of many fiber artists represented.

Pojagi –

Jul 9, 2010 | 1 Comment

Here’s a new vocabulary word: “Pojagi”, a traditional Korean wrapping cloth also called “Bojagi” and “Bojaki”. Read Wikipedia’s entry here.

The image above (from this 8/6/09 New York Times article) is a contemporary interpretation by Chunghie Lee.