Bella Notte –

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Bella Notte’s bedding – shown exquisitely styled and photographed at their website – is the stuff of Miss Pettigrew’s dreams.

Via Trouvais.

Society Limonta (and more) at Remodelista –

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Remodelista has recently expanded their website to include a dedicated section for a great collection of textile and fabric companies, like Society Limonta whose table linens are pictured above.

…And though the voting period for “best home blog of the year” has already ended over at Apartment Therapy you can still express support for Remodelista (one of the top contenders) by exploring their ever expanding website!

Dream Destinations + Sarajo –

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A two-fold post:

1) I’ve found what might be the ultimate Indian travel experience for textile lovers, Marieke Brugman’s “15 day Exotic Odyssey through Gujarat in Western India”, schedule for February 13th – 27th of this year. It looks completely amazing, as do all of her other trips. Oh, to be free to travel like that!

2) For all those limited (like me) to their arm chairs and computer screens there’s some consolation in exploring the beautiful website Sarajo. It features textiles from all over the world, including Gujarat. Above, a 19th skirt panel from the region.

Vaughan –

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The British furniture and lighting company Vaughan is now selling a colorful assortment of kilim style carpets in standard sizes.

Jen Jones –

Jan 6, 2010 | 1 Comment

Thanks to the magic of the internet, authentic Welsh quilts and “tapestry blankets” (as pictured above) are available directly from Whales via the website Jen Jones.

Via the ever-fruitful back pages of The World of Interiors.

Recycle LACMA –

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“Recycle LACMA” is the name of a fascinating undertaking by artist Robert Fontenot in which over fifty recently deaccessioned textiles and costumes from the Los Angles County Museum of Art are transfigured into new objects of all kinds. Click here to visit his blog.

Happy New Year + Carolina Irving –

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After a good 10 day break I’m ready for a new wonderful year (and decade) in the world of textile appreciation! My New Year’s wish is that I will find exciting ways to expand Fibercopia and make textiles a more central part of my professional and creative life.

Since I’m always inspired by anyone who takes entrepreneurial leaps I think Carolina Irving is an excellent first post for 2010. As per her bio she “achieved her heart’s desire” by founding her own textile company in 2006. Patmos Stripe (above) caught my eye with its tentative and imperfect lines — two qualities rarely praised but which give the pattern here a feeling of unassuming authenticity. A good posture for a new year.

Via All The Best