Monroe by Kasthall –

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kasthall carpet, shag carpet


Handtufted in wool, linen, polyester and lurex, Kasthall’s Monroe collection adds a whole new allure to shag carpet. Click here for their latest catalog; Monroe starts on page 97.

Eskayel –

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Eskayel, water color fabric

Shanan Campanaro is an artist working in multiple mediums, including fabric. Above, a close-up of Aquarius, one of her many ethereal designs.

Via cloth & kind.

William Foxton –

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william foxton textile, constance irving textile

According to the V&A website:

The firm of William Foxton Ltd., founded in 1903, produced some of the most innovative artist-designed textiles of the 1920s. It commissioned artists such as Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Claude Lovat Fraser, F. Gregory Brown and Minnie McLeish.

The fabric above (so fresh!) was designed by Constance Irving in 1926.

Click here for a Minnie McLeish panel now for sale at Vintage Textiles.

Shine Shine –

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contemporary African fabric


Here’s a virtual doorway of sorts into the fabulously bright and playful world of Shine Shine fabrics. (Photo by Dirk Pieters.)

Via AfroBlush.

Muriel Brandolini –

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muriel brandolini fabric

The recent publication of “The World of Muriel Brandolini” offers a fresh excuse to revisit her fabric collection, here. For more on the designer, there’s fresh press and lots of photos at Forbes.

Sherri Lynn Wood –

Nov 1, 2011 | 1 Comment

sherri lynn wood, contemporary quilt

Mod Mood quilt by Sherri Lynn Wood. This is what inspiration looks like!

Via Design Milk.

Mackenzie Frere –

Oct 30, 2011 | 1 Comment

Mackenzie frere, fiber art

Mackenzie Frere is a Canadian artist and teacher whose knitted and woven works communicate, even in photographic form, an incredible delicacy and introspective calm. The piece above is part of a series in progress, to be titled blankets (blood, earth and snow).

Via Ecco Eco.

Bloomsbury Canvas –

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bloomsbury fabric, sanderson fabric

A handful of seemingly unrelated¬† references have led me repeatedly to The Bloomsbury Group this week — and most recently to a new fabric collection from Sanderson called Bloomsbury Canvas. Depending on both colorway and design the prints swing wildly between reservation and flamboyance. An example of the latter is pictured above.

Via Angel + Blume.

Nasiri –

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Nasiri flatweave carpet


If Mark Rothko had designed carpets it’s easy to imagine them looking something like the color-saturated “Hampton” flatweaves by Nasiri.

Reference via Elle Decor.

Abraham Ltd. –

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Abraham fabric


Though a bit further into the fashion world than I usually venture, I still am excited to be learning about Abraham fabrics for the first time. Last winter the company was celebrated in a comprehensive exhibition at the Swiss National Museum and in April a two-volume book on the company’s history and extensive archives was published. The site Little Augury is a great place to learn more.

A close-up of one of the company’s countless swatch books is pictured above, via Couleur Blind.