Kilims, On Display & Online –

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This coming weekend the de Young Museum in San Francisco will open an exhibition titled, The Art of the Anatolian Kilim: Highlights from the McCoy Jones Collection. With works dating from the 15th – 19th century the show is a great chance to see the real thing up close. For kilims of a decorative rather than historic nature visit Orientina. Above, a vintage kilim from the shop.

Nying Zemo –

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Nying Zemo (great name!) is a rug company with an “art-focused” approach to carpets. Above is a cropped view of a Meganaut, a carpet designed by painter Scott Petrie.

Via this related link on 1st Dibs.

P.S. Labor Day weekend is upon us in the States. I’ll be back to Fibercopia post holiday.

Horrockses Fashions –

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Encounter a site like this and any presumed allegiance to subdued decorative taste is likely to go out the window. It’s just too hard to resist the visual cheer.

Via – ?¬† I rediscovered the url scrawled on a piece of paper, but without attribution…

Collector’s Weekly –

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Collector’s Weekly – undoubtedly old news for auction pros – offers edited and more refined access to the often overwhelming behemoth that is EBay. Above, a vintage tablecloth found through the site.

Amanda Nisbet –

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Above, “Francesca” by Amanda Nisbet, part of her new fabric collection represented by Holland & Sherry. It’s a cross-over classic in three colorways.

Scrap Art –

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An exhibition titled Scrap Art is now on display at The San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles¬† (running from 8/16 – 10/16). Barbara Wisnoski (previously posted about here) is among the artists represented. Above, a detail of her “folded circle”.

Fiber Futures –

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Fiber Futures: Japan’s Textile Pioneers is presented by the Japan Society in New York and will run from September 16th – December 18th. From their website:

…The works on display range from ethereal silk and hemp to paper pulp and synthetic fiber using methods that are sometimes deeply traditional, but sometimes employ the latest weaving and dyeing technology along with an environmentally conscious “green” ethos. Moving far beyond traditional utility, Japan’s textile pioneers fuse past and present to create innovative, beautiful and sometimes challenging works of art.

Bantie –

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Bantie, spreading Swedish love worldwide.

Via From Sthlm.

Ayadeena –

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Here’s a great find, brought to you via the most recent issue of Elle Decor.

Susie Vickery –

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Drawing on “issues of iconography, identity, gender and Asian art”, Susie Vickery creates mind-bending embroidered portraits.

Above, a detail from Madonna of the Sari.