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Tucker Robbins –

Jun 5, 2012 | 1 Comment

tribal fabric

I’m cheating a bit with this post. Really I should wait until the tantalizing “coming soon” message disappears from the textile page on Tucker Robbins’ website and is replaced with real-live items for purchase. In checking up on the page this evening, however, I encountered a great link to a 5/18 interview with Mr. Robbins — accompanied by several photographs of his private home, bedecked with textiles of course! Visuals aside, the outline of Robbins’ life story is well worth reading in and of itself.

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James Leman –

Jun 3, 2012 | Leave a Comment

historic british textile designs

Here’s a truly inspiring artifact of textile design history: an album by Englishman James Leman (1688-1745) containing “97 designs for fine silk cloth”. The Victoria & Albert Museum (who now owns the portfolio) has provided tantalizing highlights from select pages on their website, here. Looking at the pages gives fresh new color (literally) to my concept of the 18th century.


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