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Happy New Year! After a refreshing two week break it’s time to get back to the warm and wooly world of textiles. Tissus Tartares is featured in The World of Interiors’ current issue and has one of the most decoratively inspiring “about” pages of recent memory:

TISSUS TARTARES was established in 2010 by Olya Thompson and Nathalie Farman-Farma. The collection was originally inspired by their common appreciation of color and pattern in Tartar robes, but grew to include many other influences such as Old St Petersburg interiors and Ballets Russes costumes. This led them to articulate a Eurasian aesthetic for a fabric house, one which would reflect the rich and sophisticated interplay between East and West as it is found in Russian, Persian and Central Asian designs. The result is a personal, romantic and eclectic line of printed fabrics for the home. They are produced in France using the highest standards of craftsmanship.

May we all be so artistically and cross-culturally inspired in 2013!

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