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Virginia Di Sciascio –

Feb 3, 2009 | Leave a Comment

If you ever find yourself wanting to spend a significant amount of money on an antique pillow, you should definitely check out Virginia Di Sciasio’s antique textiles website. The description for the one shown above is as follows:

Early 19th century antique Italian silk flame stitching in shades of gold and slate blue on a cream colored background, hand applied onto a modern Italian silk velvet and backed in modern linen. Hand stitched brown and blue cords at top and bottom borders. Excellent Condition. Pair Available.

$1800, each.

Maria Likarz Strauss –

Jan 26, 2009 | Leave a Comment

I thought I’d start out the week with a look into the history books — what I found was this print by Maria Likarz Strauss (1893-1956), a prolific textile designer of the Wiener Werkstatte. It’s little swatches like this that express the vibrancy of previous eras and remind me that “modern design” is not a recent invention. For more on Strauss and the Vienna Secessionists click here (an out-dated but still relevant press release from The Textile Museum).

Also via lotusgreenfotos.

Mansour –

Jul 17, 2008 | Leave a Comment

Last week I was more thoroughly introduced to the carpet company Mansour and their sister company Mansour Modern. They have beautiful antique carpets under Mansour and Mansour Modern has contemporary designs that make use of some really cutting edge materials — they’re using aloe fibers, doing new things with hemp, cotton and linen, animal hides, etc. Visually the carpet above straddles their old and new collections. It’s an antique, listed as an Art Deco design from the France, circa 1930. I guess it’s Art Deco in the sense that France was getting really excited about African (and Native American) aesthetics and incorporating that into Art Deco interiors and facades – ? That aside it could easily be mistaken as a custom design on a contemporary carpet, circa 2008.