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Selvedge –

Jul 8, 2008 | 3 Comments

The textile gods and goddesses must be smiling upon me as I’ve just been given a virtual year-long subscription to the oh-so coveted magazine Selvedge — a publication that is luscious in every important respect: content, art design, photography. At $20 an issue I’ve only purchased one, keeping a subscription on my long, textile related wish list. (For my exploratory purposes, I found the ads in the single issue I do own to be as useful for reference and research material as the actual editorial content of the magazine — as everyone listed has a website to check out.) Now that I have virtual access to current as well as select past issues I find myself in seventh heaven, and feel only glee in searching the magazine for leads on all kinds of wondrous designers, companies, etc. Case in point: Anokhi, a company that’s featured in their current issue (#24). The photography accompanying Selvedge’s article far outdoes what’s on the companies own website. Regardless, check out the site for more about this worker-friendly, Jaipur based company.

I think this will be Selvedge week here at Fibercopia (or Selvedge month?) as I’ll be exploring back issues and surely finding more great companies to post about.

Indoroman –

May 2, 2008 | Leave a Comment

The most recent issue of Domino magazine (the one with Julianne Moore on the cover) has a little blurb about the Italian based company Indoroman, specializing in fabrics of all kinds from India. It doesn’t look like they actually sell things from their website but there is a link for distributor information, etc. They also have this great “textile map of India”. The version on the site has hyperlinks for each region, leading you to a list of textile types for each area. Definitely worth exploring — plus it’s just a fun visual aid.

Textiles in Painting –

Dec 11, 2007 | Leave a Comment


I’m always drawn to representations of fabric in paintings and especially so in traditional Indian miniatures. I found this image after doing a few searches on the Rubin Art Museum — a fairly new museum in NYC which I haven’t had a chance to go yet. While their stated focus is on the art of the Himalayas it looks like they cast a wider net in their temporary exhibitions and publishing. In any case, I love the way both the men’s clothing and the carpet they stand on is shown here. It may be simplistic / naive by some Western art history standards but it’s completely expressive in my book. And speaking of books, I’m adding this one to my wish list! Here’s a link to a review the New York Times did about the exhibition at the time; it provides a good primer to the Sikh religion.

Lost City –

Nov 23, 2007 | 1 Comment

I’m really excited and inspired by people who are able to help invigorate and foster small-scale / local traditions of hand-craft in sustainable and ethical ways. That’s why coming across a reference to the company Lost City, founded by Afshan Durrani, this afternoon in Ego Magazine was especially tantalizing — and frustrating in that she doesn’t seem to have a website or other on-line representation. The profile by EM describes how she started her “couture fabric and upholstery” company and how it is helping to revitalize the tradition of completely handmade embroidery in India. The site Design with India also has a profile of her. (And both refer to her representation in San Francisco as well as New York but don’t give details…)

1/7/08 UPDATE: See comment attached to this posting (received today) for more information about Lost City representation! (Thanks!)

Indus Decor –

Nov 13, 2007 | Leave a Comment

I’ve been searching around this evening for additional on-line sources for beautiful Pakistani textiles — but to no avail. After finding Koel yesterday I felt determined to come up with a few more inspirational references but maybe I’ll have to put some time in at the library or a good design bookstore instead. In the meantime, I did find a great source for some really pretty Indian block print and batik textiles (among other styles) sold at reasonable prices by the yard at Indus Decor. It’s funny to look through images posted from all corners of the globe only to settle on a site based in Washington State — just up the coast. It’s a little deflating actually! But in any case, I’m happy to add this site to my list of finds.

Kantha –

Oct 4, 2007 | 2 Comments

I was google-ing around looking for more information / images of khadi fabric and came upon this website selling it along with “kantha” textiles — also new to my vocabulary! According to one link kantha is characterized by simple embroidery and was developed out of a desire to make new and more beautiful use out of old fabrics — resulting in scraps being layered and stitched together with colorful embroidery. In sanskrit “kontha” means rags. In any case, this baby quilt is one of the Kantha wares being sold — so whimsical and cute!

Khadi –

Oct 4, 2007 | 10 Comments

The October issue of The World of Interiors is out (always full of things you’d never see in American magazines, plus really quirky art direction). There’s a nice introduction to “Khadi”, a type of simple cotton made in India (hadn’t heard of it before). The article profiles Bess Nielsen, a shop owner in Paris who specializes in this type of fabric. — One photo from the article above.