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Tikoli –

Jan 14, 2009 | Leave a Comment

I discovered Maja Brogos’ Tikoli tea towel collection this evening after a madcap free-association search for something beautiful and new to post. I love her designs as well as her advocacy of everyday objects:

“Yes, they are just kitchen towels,” she says. ” but I’ve always found something profound in the mundane. That coffee mug or spoon at breakfast is a part of our life each day, a personal effect. From the standpoint of anthropology, the objects we surround ourselves with, the things that make us comfortable, say much more about who we are as a culture than what can be found in a museum. The Tikoli product line is really just about injecting a little bit of wonder and beauty into the everyday.”

Thanksgiving Linen –

Nov 22, 2007 | 1 Comment

I spent the afternoon doing prep-work for tomorrow’s big day of cooking and got to thinking about my small interest in vintage Irish linen dish towels. My curiosity was first piqued this summer when I last visited my grandparent’s house and noticed anew the thematic dish towels they keep in a secondary bathroom. As a category they seem to range between kitschy, plain-old tacky, and generally bizarre. But the precedent for cramming all kinds of trivial – and historic – information on this one type of domestic cloth is interesting (see Exhibit A at top, the “horse map of the world” tea towel now on EBay). Perhaps it’s some kind of outgrowth of “samplers” from earlier eras, or it just became a convenient, and relatively inexpensive, medium for souvenir-making? (I’ve seen several commemorating Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding for instance). But anyway – here are two fun Beatles ones I found. Click here for the site. — And may none of your linens be destroyed by wine, fire or other tomorrow!