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Happy Holidays, Part II

Dec 27, 2010 | Leave a Comment

One of my favorite gifts from this weekend’s revelry was the new book Handcrafted Modern by Leslie Williamson. With very little text, it’s primarily a picture book dedicated to the homes of mid-century designers like Russel Wright, Eva Zeisel and Charles & Ray Eames. The photographs capture interiors that are naturally lit, quiet, and full of intimate, happenstance details. — There are also textiles scattered throughout the pages, like a little trail of breadcrumbs going from one designer to the next. The image above is of Walter Gropius’ home in Massachusetts.

Five Centuries of Indonesian Textiles –

Dec 17, 2010 | 2 Comments

Here’s a nice article about textile collector and curator Mary Hunt Kahlenberg and her new book Five Centuries of Indonesian Textiles. She’s obviously turned her passion into a very enriching lifelong undertaking. You can buy the book on Amazon here (though it’s great to request it through local bookstores instead!).

Textiles At Home –

Nov 29, 2010 | Leave a Comment

Inspired by the book Living With Decorative Textiles, Tribal Trappings is now dedicating a section of their own website to the textile displays of clients and friends. (They also invite outside submissions.) Needless to say, both the book and the site beckon closer examination.

Textiles of the Islamic World –

Nov 12, 2010 | 2 Comments

— A new book from esteemed textile historian John Gillow. Perfect for upcoming holiday wish (and gift) lists.

Quilts, The Catalog –

Jul 14, 2010 | Leave a Comment

The Victoria & Albert Museum’s popular exhibition “Quilts: 1700 – 2010” closed last week. But the catalog lives on.

For more on the show see Colin Martin’s review in Craft Australia’s latest (and textile-focused) e-newsletter.

Classic and Modern Fabrics –

Jun 18, 2010 | 1 Comment

New on bookshelves from Thames and Hudson! Click here to read about it on Amazon and here to explore other textile books from the publisher.

Weil & Durrs –

Nov 23, 2009 | Leave a Comment

As earlier posts (here and here), can prove, I’m occasionally ensnared by the lure of vintage table linens — losing hours to various keyword searches on the topic, scrolling through websites, etc. Today it was thoughts of the perfect holiday tablecloth that did me in. Thankfully, my time consuming linen lust has lead me to this book — and with it the chance to actually learn something about a topic that’s fuzzy in my head. Here’s the publisher’s write-up:

This beautiful book is the first to exclusively present what many agree are the very best of vintage household linens, the products of the Weil & Durrs Company of New York City, from the 1920s to 1984. Their Wilendur and other brands reign above others in the collecting world for good reason. The bold and beautifully executed patterns stand out as art of the highest quality. Their inks and dyes, as well as their base fabrics, were exceptional. This book provides a brief history of the Weil and Durrs Company and descriptive text for over 250 different tablecloths in 120 printed designs…

Textiles at Zena Kruzick –

Oct 22, 2009 | Leave a Comment

The website for Zena Kruzick Tribal Art features a diverse selection of non-Western textiles that includes this early 20th century “body cloth” from Nagaland India (detail shot above). The website also has a short bibliography of recommended textile-related books as well as a great long list of links to other tribal art dealers, sites I’ll be happily exploring in the days ahead.

Becky Oldfield & Lost and Found –

Sep 19, 2009 | 1 Comment

Quilts are in the air these days: today it’s an inspirational look at the talents of Becky Oldfield as seen in Elle Decor’s October story on Keith Johnson’s New York City home. Oldfield designed the bed spread above, one that combines the British flag with what appears to be a sari-like brocade border. The entire piece is detailed with seed stitching in white thread. (Hard to see in this picture but the full-page view is on page 173 of the magazine if you can snag a copy). More of Oldfield’s work can be found on her website,  Lost and Found.

Printed Cloth for the Bazaars –

Jul 29, 2009 | Leave a Comment

Sara of 5 o’clock crows posted some great large-scale images (detail above) from the book Russian Textiles: Printed Cloth for the Bazaars of Central Asia by Susan Meller. I’ve seen the book in passing but now it’s officially on my wish list — what amazing color and pattern! (And might I comment on the coincidence of how color coordinated this detail shot is with my previous two posts!)