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Antique Textiles Gallery –

Sep 25, 2012 | Leave a Comment

indigo ottoman, african ottoman, vintage ottoman

Ottomans made of African indigo are among the many textile creations offered by interior designer Oskar Torres-Lam through his New York City gallery. Click here to view his inventory on 1stDibs.

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Urban Burp –

Sep 11, 2012 | Leave a Comment

vintage fabric, beach scene fabric, sailboat fabric

An ode to the final days of summer — even if autumn leaves are already beginning to fall. This is a vintage print, one among many available at Urban Burp. Three yards are available.

Via the San Francisco Chronicle.

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Living Vintage –

Sep 4, 2012 | 1 Comment

mid century textile, california bungalow print

The story behind Analisse Taft’s new Living Vintage fabric collection plays to the universal fantasy of finding something unexpected, valuable and life changing where you least expect it. For Taft that moment came when she discovered a pile of dusty vintage silk screens hidden away in the rafters of a Brooklyn printing factory. By adapting the designs and updating the colors she’s put a score of mid-century prints back in circulation, old but new. To view the collection visit ALT for Living, then click on “fabrics” and the “Living Vintage” icon.

Via Style Beat.

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Herbert Bayer –

Sep 2, 2012 | Leave a Comment

bauhaus textile, bauhaus carpet, 60s carpet

Bauhaus student and disciple Herbert Bayer (1900-1985) designed this 1967 tufted wool wall hanging (called Chromatic Circles, shown cropped above) as part of a series commissioned by ARCO for their Los Angeles offices.  Like a complicated Venn diagram the piece conjures unexpected intersections between Bauhaus principles, the emergence of pop art decades later, the role of art in corporate imaging — and of course, textile design. It’s currently for sale at Cora Ginsburg.

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Stig Lindberg –

Aug 28, 2012 | Leave a Comment

swedish textiles, vintage swedish fabric, mid century fabric

This dreamlike print is one of many magical designs by Swedish mid-century designer Stig Lindberg. There’s already lots of interesting information for him on line so I’ll simply link to a few here, including a write-up on his bio, Lindberg textiles for sale at Meggy Magpie Fabrics, and a look at his other mediums of choice.

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Bright Lyons –

Aug 26, 2012 | Leave a Comment

girard textile, girard banner, girard fabric

Bright Lyons in Brooklyn are big Alexander Girard aficionados and this summer portions of their collection found permanent homes in American and European museums, and with Herman Miller. Many of the Girard pieces now in their 1stDibs storefront are banners given the rather scientific name “environmental enrichment panels”. I’m not sure what this means, but it looks like a title Girard assigned them — and they would certainly enrich any environment! More research is needed on this one.

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Martha Meuse Fjetterstrom –

Aug 21, 2012 | Leave a Comment

swedish textile designer, swedish carpet

Martha Meuse Fjetterstrom (1873-1941) was a Swedish textile designer whose career was punctuated by three prominent exhibitions in the 1930’s — at Liljevalchs in Sweden, at the British Museum in London and at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Since her death in 1941 her studio has lived on, both through contemporary executions of her hundreds of original designs and with many new pieces conceived by others working under her label. The vintage carpet shown by Marianne Richter is dated to 1969 and is among the company’s vintage offerings. Other interesting links to Fjetterstrom’s bio and designs can by found here and here.

Via Simone LeBlanc Inc.

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Kathy Sosa –

Aug 2, 2012 | Leave a Comment

mexican textile, mexican embroidery

In a series titled Found Objects artist Kathy Sosa digitally remasters vintage textiles and then adds “oil paint, glaze or gilt” to new incarnations on paper.

Via Times Record News.

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Matt Camron –

Jul 25, 2012 | Leave a Comment

suzani pillow, antique textile pillow, patchwork pillow

For those with a thirsty eye for a wide range of new and antique carpets (and textiles) Matt Camron’s site is a great source for inspiration and visual reference. The suzani patchwork pillow cover pictured above is among his many colorful offerings.

Via Interior Design magazine.

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Latest & Greatest –

Jul 5, 2012 | Leave a Comment

vintage batik, indonesian textile, indonesian fabric

Several weeks ago I quietly debuted my new Dering Hall storefront; as of today I’m officially opening its (virtual) doors! The completing addition is the first batch in a collection of vintage Indo European batiks from the studio of IndoArts. These textiles are amazing works of both artistry and craftsmanship — and just like the other items represented, they combine color, texture and composition in captivating ways. So without further adieu, I’m happy to report that the Fibercopia storefront now includes products from:

Adam + Viktoria (represented by Lisa Fontanarosa)

Tony Kitz


Edit (represented by Studio Four NYC)


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