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Oct 4, 2007 | 2 Comments

I was google-ing around looking for more information / images of khadi fabric and came upon this website selling it along with “kantha” textiles — also new to my vocabulary! According to one link kantha is characterized by simple embroidery and was developed out of a desire to make new and more beautiful use out of old fabrics — resulting in scraps being layered and stitched together with colorful embroidery. In sanskrit “kontha” means rags. In any case, this baby quilt is one of the Kantha wares being sold — so whimsical and cute!

Khadi –

Oct 4, 2007 | 10 Comments

The October issue of The World of Interiors is out (always full of things you’d never see in American magazines, plus really quirky art direction). There’s a nice introduction to “Khadi”, a type of simple cotton made in India (hadn’t heard of it before). The article profiles Bess Nielsen, a shop owner in Paris who specializes in this type of fabric. — One photo from the article above.


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There are plenty of fabrics available through showrooms that I really like – but there are others that I LOVE and need to hold onto, usually in memo form, for long periods of time. Three of my current top ten (or so) have this great chartreuse color — a color that’s both ugly and beautiful, and more enticing because of that tension. This first one I have cherished for years now — it’s from one of my favorite companies Raoul Textiles. The second is from Manuel Canovas. And then more subtly, the “Marrakesh” pattern from the always exciting company — Mokum.

Beginning at the beginning –

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pazyryk carpet

It seems fitting to start at the beginning with a brief moment dedicated to the Pazyryk (or Pasyryk) carpet. As the oldest known carpet, its importance was ingrained in me while taking a course on the history of carpets at Bard Graduate Center a few years ago. It was discovered along the border of Siberia and Mongolia by a Russian archaeologist named Rudenko in 1949 . It’s about 70″ square and is believed to have been created in the mid 5th century, B.C.E. What’s really cool though, is to see how highly developed the carpet is — and to realize that carpet weaving must have been going on for many centuries prior to have reached the level of expertise the Pazyryk displays. It has lots of interesting details, especially the men riding horses along the border.


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Well, months after first thinking I should start a blog dedicated to all things fiber-ous, I’m finally getting started! On this site I hope to explore and document textiles that inspire me — the whole range from traditional fabrics and motifs to contemporary bedding, carpets and accessories. I’d like the site to be a virtual portfolio of visual references, associations and ideas, all tied loosely together under the broad category of “fiber”. Why? Because more than any other artistic medium I’m viscerally attracted to textiles. They wrap up so many things: craft, texture, tradition, artistry, innovation, warmth, etc….